Responsible Alcohol Trade Policy


Global Beer Merchant, “the Company”, trades under the relevant provisions of the Gauteng Liquor Act, 2003; license number GAU0007783 and is committed to conducting business in a responsible manner.


Trade with minors

No alcohol trade shall be made with minors and the Company reserves the rights to at all times monitor and determine the age of Persons placing orders online (“Online consumer”), on its own website or any other online platform.

Online consumers will be required to:

  • verify their date of birth at any point of their purchase transaction, including after payment and/or before delivery is made

  • verify their date of birth at time of delivery by presenting a clear and legible identification document or drivers’ license

In the instance that the Company or any representative thereof is unsatisfied with the validation of the online consumer’s age, the Company reserves the rights:

  • to cancel the order without delivery of product(s) being completed to the online consumer

  • deduct all costs of delivery and return from the original proceeds received, before granting the online consumer with any refund


Deliveries being taken by a proxy

In the instance that a delivery is to be taken by a proxy, the proxy shall be required to provide a clear and legible identification document or drivers’ license.

The Company or representative thereof reserves the rights to request that both the online consumers and proxy present valid identification and/or to cancel the order as set out above.